Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chemo 8

chemo 9
Chemo 7
23 Aug 2011, Tue - I had a half night's sleep, as 2 of the 3 alarms triggered in short succession at 01h00. The security vehicle arrived eventually but could see nothing wrong. That was that as far as sleep was concerned, so tonight I might have a good rest... It is my mother's birthday today, 70something and going strong. Arriving at Wilgers Oncology this morning it turned out that my white blood cell count is very low and my chemo is postponed for a week. The Oncologist can not shed any light on my sore shoulder, so I am just going to ignore it from now on. Today is a really windy day, as the days should traditionally be around here in August.
24 Aug 2011, Wed - The alarm blues continued and ignoring my shoulder seem to work. I spent the day breaking into my daughter's car (keys locked inside), expanding the alarm system and rigging up a camera borrowed from a game farmer friend so that I can see what is triggering the alarm system.
25 Aug 2011, Thu - Turned out that the alarm system is a bit sensitive. At 01:30 a rabbit triggered it and at 03:17 a big black dog was the culprit. Now I must hunt for a way to eliminate dogs and rabbits, but include anything bigger... I also woke with my shoulder much worse than it's been for a while. Might be all the activity from yesterday, climbing up and down precariously balanced ladders and such stuff.
26-28 Aug 2011, Fri-Sun - I went to see Dr Frantzen on Friday and the basic diagnose about my shoulder is the same. He did however gave me an injection in the shoulder so if the pain does not subside by Monday/Tuesday we know it is referred, else it might just be some inflammation or something? A big part of my energy over the weekend went into making sure the security system works 100%, but I am sure it will always be possible to breach it. If criminals would spend half the effort they spend on criminal acts on hard work they would all be much better off. Everything they stole last weekend does add up to about R15000 to replace, but I doubt the guy doing the actual stealing gets more that R1000 or even R500.


  1. Jy kan toelaat dat teleurstellings jou verslaan, of jy kan leer daaruit. Dit maak die volgende wen soveel beter, want jy weet hoe proe mislukking. John Smit

    Vasbyt Jaco een van die dae ry jy weer die rook uit ons uit op die MTB !!!!!!


  2. ek stem saam met marnitz - vasbyt, man, dis lente, word gesond dat jy kan kom saamspeel.

  3. Dankie julle. Ek kan nie wag nie...