Friday, August 5, 2011

Chemo 5

Chemo 6
Chemo 4
1 Aug, Monday - The shoulder is still hurting, my hair is falling out in droves and tomorrow I go back to hospital for round no 2.

2 Aug, Tuesday - I did some early chores and went to Wilgers. Got there just after 08h30. They drew some blood for tests and the results were very slow to come back, so the chemo started late, which means I will finish late and might have to sleep over another night. I saw the doc a little later and she gave me Cerebrex for the pain. It might be a lung problem/inflammation that causes my shoulder to hurt? I did not sleep well and the usual hospital drill to wake you at 02h00 to take your blood pressure did not help much.

3 Aug, Wed - The hours passed slowly but I had a number of visitors. Willie, Davida, Alta and her mother Roeline, Anlie and of course The Pretty One. By 23h00 the last poison was in my body and we were home by 00h00.

4 Aug, Thur - Got up and had a haircut, as there was not much left and it looked really bad, Went to the office bravely but felt very groggy soon and that did not ease up until I eventually went to bed. I tried to "kuier" a bit with the family, but I was not good company. The shoulder is not much better, but it is liveable, so let's hope for the best.

5 Aug, Fri - I feel better than yesterday and are actually hungry. I feel quite bloated and it seem that an immediate reaction to the chemo is this constipation afterwards. I will get some dried fruit and see if that helps the system along a bit.
No beard for the first time in 30 years!

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