Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chemo 7

Chemo 6
15 Aug, Mon - We had a very lekker kuier yesterday with Johan and Anlie, friends from school days (How long ago is that...). I feel good apart from the shoulder... I will see the heart & lung specialist tomorrow and maybe he can shed some light on the strange pain. Right now it seem as if a very early summer storm with thunder & all is going to hit us.

16 Aug, Tue - Same old, same old... The Doc that operated on the tumor on my aorta cannot shed any light on the shoulder and referred me back to the Orthopedic Surgeon who fixed my collar bone in May 2008. I had a nasty fall and broke my collar bone 6 weeks before departing on my 2008 Freedom Challenge.

17 Aug, Wed - A normal day with normal pain in the shoulder. The Orthopedic surgeon (AnrĂ© Peach) said he wished  his neck and bones were in as good a condition as mine, so it is definitely not my neck or shoulder... So we are back at my diaphragm or maybe my lung... Lets throw this curve ball at oncology and see what they come up with this time? I think I must make as if nothing is wrong and just carry on as normal. Ride my bike and work a bit...

18 Aug - 22 Aug - Apart from the "normal"things that happen every day we had a very strange robbery on Friday night. Without going into all the gory, boring detail I can just report that we were not harmed, in fact, we were quite unaware, but that it was an "inside" job by one of the workers is obvious. The power tools that disappeared was only the working ones that was neatly picked out off the shelve in between the broken ones! There were a number of other tel tale signs as well. On Saturday we had a glorious kuier and a great potjie with Annelie and Christo, and a very relaxed Sunday. I went for the scan on Monday and the news neither good nor bad... The tumor is not bigger, but also not any smaller. So tomorrow I will hear what my Oncologist says.

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