Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chemo 9

chemo 10
chemo 8
29 Aug, Mon - We had a lovely kuier yesterday with Kevin and Vanessa, and the food channel really made a good kook out of Kevin.. Today passed without much excitement, but the blood test was good and I will get round 3 of chemo tomorrow.
30,31 Aug, Tue, Wed - Did a quick tour in the office and by 08:00 I was on my way to Wilgers Oncology. At Wilgers it was the normal drill and by 22:00 on Wednesday I was home.
1 Sep 2011, Thu - Woke up with the usual groggy feeling. I had some herbal tea last night and this morning that is supposed to help against the constipation, and it seem to have worked for now. Actually, later in the day it seems to be working too good. I started feeling very groggy and by 11:00 I was lying flat in front of the Travel Channel. Then the diarrhea came. But by 19:00 I started feeling a little better and actually was hungry before I went to bed and had some stir fry and a cheese sandwich.
2 Sep, Fri - Woke up this morning feeling a LOT better than yesterday. I will see what my digestive system thinks of today, but the rest feels decent. We are driving down to Empangeni to visit my Sister and My dad and Tannie Minnie will be going along. Looking forward to the weekend...
5 Sep 2011, Fri-Mon - We had a good uneventful drive to Empangeni and arrived 18:30. Shortly after arriving Tannie Minnie's nose started bleeding uncontrollably and a quick visit to the emergency ward sorted that out. On Saturday morning me and Swarrie fiddled with bits of steel and started building a new security gate, as the old one is busy disintegrating with rust. Saturday afternoon we made a potjie (lamb stew) and over indulged good and well. Sunday morning me and Swarry went for a nice 25km ride and my lack of fitness as well as my low red blood cell count made for a slow meander amongst the sugar canes of Monzi, near St Lucia. But I enjoyed the ride and the shoulder was fine, so I guess I will have to give regular riding another try. We had a late afternoon braai and Joyce and Sachrys came to visit and we had a thorough chortle. We left Empangeni this morning at 06:08 and had an easy drive back to Pretoria. After Thursday's quick bout of diarrhea nothing happened on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and eventually this afternoon (Monday) I gave birth. Or at least, that is how it felt. So now I should be OK for the next 2 weeks. The shoulder is OK as well, so tomorrow I will give the training program a go and see.

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