Monday, August 8, 2011

Chemo 6

Chemo 7
Chemo 5
6 Aug, Sat - We slept late and then had a leisurely morning before we went to Joburg to my Boet's place for an afternoon of over-indulgence. Ate way too much, and that on top of the constipation problem... But for the rest my shoulder is still bothering me but fortunately there is no nausea

7 Aug, Sun - Another late morning with The Pretty One and then a glorious kuier with Bennie and Hester.

8 Aug, Mon - Finally... I had a normal sit-down in the "small" room. Now it is just my shoulder that bothers me. I will give it another couple of days and then make a decision. I will have to get back on to the bike pretty soon. I am really feeling very unfit and heavy, and need to do some exercise. My blood's hemoglobin levels will be lower, so training will get my heart rate up quickly, so I will have to be careful with my heart.

9 Aug, Tue - I had a bad night as my shoulder was hurting and uncomfortable. But today is a new day and a public holiday for some reason. So I changed a leaking ball valve in our toilet and did some chores in the office. I expect a few old squash friends over later for a few beers and a "braai".

10 Aug, Wed - We had a real lekker chortle yesterday and life was good... We went to bed about 21h30 and by 23h30 I woke with a really sore shoulder. By 0h30 I was sitting upright in a Comfortable chair in front of the TV and took some tramacet for the pain.That started knocking me out by about 01h30 and I eventually got some sleep after that. I woke this morning feeling very groggy but now (10h50) I am starting to feel like a human with a sore shoulder again. I am stopping the cerebrex anti inflammatory for a few days to see if it makes any difference. I think the recent heartburn attacks might come from that.

11 Aug, Thur - Apart from a sore shoulder I feel quite normal. I stopped the Cerebrex and will monitor if the shoulder is worse.

12 Aug, Fri - I started the cerebrex again last night as the shoulder started getting unbearable. Had a fairly decent sleep from about 23h30 but woke with a sore shoulder. Another cerebrex early with some musely and the shoulder is back to just a vague pain that flares up when I do not sit. Standing and lying down seem to work against my comfort level. I am scared to get on the bike, but it is something I would want to do pretty soon...

13 Aug, Sat - I had a bad night as far as sleep goes. If it wasn't for the sore shoulder it would have been a perfect day for cycling, but I spent the day very easy on my bum in front of the TV. We did buy some groceries for the week and tomorrow I expect friends over.

14 Aug, Sun - Another night of little sleep, but my friends arrived and I will throw an eisbein and a chicken on the Weber...

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