Monday, October 31, 2011

Chemo 19

Chemo 20
Chemo 18
31 Oct 2011, Monday - Friday evening turned out to be very quiet on the home front with just me and The Pretty One at home, so I planned to watch the cricket game between SA and Australia, but then rain interfered. They played, but our electricity went out early and only came back on after 24:00. Saturday morning I planned to do some work in the office and then start my bike rebuilds, but again we had no electricity so we went to chortle with The Pretty One's family and had a splendid time. Sunday we slept late a bit and then The Pretty One said that we must quickly install the door between two of the flats in our house. My daughter Andy helped but it still took me the whole day and by last night 19:00 I was knackered and in bed. Doing a job like this makes me realize how much the Chemo takes out of your strength and stamina. I have 7 more good days before my last chemo session, then I can start to recover and get fit and strong... I am so looking forward to that.
The Door

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