Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chemo 16

Chemo 17
Chemo 15

19 Oct 11, Wed - All the plans I had for riding this past weekend came to nothing. It is difficult to motivate yourself to ride your bike when you know that in 2 days time you are going to feel like a dead dog. So on both Saturday and Sunday mornings we just stayed in bed a little longer until the urge to jump up and go riding actually went away. On Saturday evening we had my 35 year reunion of the class of 76. Man but was that a lot of old people gathered together. I was amazed actually to see how well some of the guys and girls did age. Sunday I jumped into some books and spent the day mainly reading. Monday morning early I went to hospital and the process of "feeding" me my "cocktail" started. It went reasonably well and today I am feeling groggy, but I have felt worse.Fortunately there is a cricket game on so I have something to do while parked on the lounge suite.

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