Friday, October 28, 2011

Chemo 18

Chemo 19
Chemo 17
If not cycling even 1 km can be called normal, then this was a pretty normal week. The bulk of my daylight time was taken up by a recipe book of about 300 pages that I am busy doing the layout of. On Wednesday Afternoon I went to see the Dr that did the original Cancer op in 2008 and that has been looking after me ever since. He is of the opinion that as long as the tumors is not getting bigger and I have no discomfort from them, we don't cut. So we will keep a close look at them. On Thursday evening me and The Pretty One went to see the Smurfs movie in 3D nogal. If you have not believed that they are real, go see the movie in 3D and you will know they are real and living in an enchanted forest somewhere. It can even be in the Wolkberg mountains.

The Smurfs might live in here somewhere,

...or they might lurk in here. Come along next time I ride here and we search for them
I am feeling pretty good and might spend some time this weekend getting my bikes ready for the training assault that awaits them end of November...

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