Monday, October 10, 2011

Chemo 15

Chemo 16
Chemo 14
11 Oct 11, Tuesday - During my eye test on Thursday last week the Optometrist said it looks like I have an infection in my eye lids. Had it checked out and it was indeed Blepharitis. According to wikipedia "is an ocular condition characterized by chronic inflammation of the eyelid, the severity and time course of which can vary. Onset can be acute, resolving without treatment within 2–4 weeks (this can be greatly reduced with lid hygiene), but more generally is a long standing inflammation varying in severity." I got some drops and we will see if it helps. The downside is that my eyes became very sensitive to wind and that has kept me of the bike for a few days. Friday and Saturday I did very little. Sunday we went for a kuier and a Braai at The Pretty One's Father in Law & Wife and was joined by his son Rudolf and his family.

Yesterday was a "normal" day and I did quit a lot of deliveries and collections. I hope to see the Radiologist today to do a MRI scan and compare the tumors to see what effect the chemo has. Tomorrow I see the Oncologist...

14 Oct 11, Fri - I went early on Wednesday morning for a scan and the tumor that we use as control to measure the effect of the chemo was unchanged. The fact that it is not shrinking is not necessarily a bad thing. The fact that the chemo is containing the tumor is apparently already a good sign. But it does not sound like I will be rid of the cancer in a hurry.

Since my white blood count was just below the limit for chemo the 5th chemo session is postponed till Monday. This means that I can go to my class of 1976 Grade 12 reunion tomorrow night without feeling like a dead dog. Maybe I will even go for a ride tomorrow morning with The Pretty One since the infection in my eyes seem to have reacted to the drops.

In the mean time their are 2 new products on the market in America that the Oncologist will try and import if the prices is not exorbitant and the authorities agrees to it. It is by no means "wonder" products, but it might contain the tumors for longer with less (hopefully) side effects.

By 20 November I should be finished with my 6 sessions of chemo for this round and then I can start some serious training again and get strong and fit. It seem that I will have to ride the big rides ASAP. I do not know how much time this cancer is going to give me, so I must use the time I've got to the full...

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