Monday, October 24, 2011

Chemo 17

Chemo 18
Chemo 16
24 Oct, Monday - Where was I? Wednesday's cricket match rained out and then ended wrong, but fortunately I was feeling too groggy to worry. Thursday I felt better than Wednesday but not as good as I was hoping to feel on Friday, and so it went for the weekend. Every day a little better.

We left on Saturday morning to go to the yearly Exploration Society Formal Dinner. The difference is that it is never inside (except if it is inside a cave), but normally rather on top of a mountain in the real deep bundus. This year we had it in the deep Magalies Mountains next to a very small stream with a lovely little pond. You needed a 4x4 to get there, so we ferried the members with normal cars to the camping site. It all went splendid thanks to Paul, our very capable chairman. The afternoon was spent by all and sundry lazying around a small patch of water. Some of the intrepid explorers even took some time to do a bit of rolling training in their kayaks. Then we donned our very beautiful formal best, readied the tables with our finest china and crystal and had a jol.

Sunday morning saw most of the late survivors waking very slowly and nibbling at some of the cheese and biscuits remaining from the previous evening. After another lazy session next to the pond we starting cleaning up and ferrying the explorers back down the mountain. A splendid weekend indeed.

Today life is pretty much back to normal: The digestive system seem to be back to it's regular self and the out-of-breathness (the spell checker is complaining about this one, wants it to be breathlessness) is very real.
Walking a bit and resting a lot - from shade to shade

Intrepid explorers doing nothing

Lewis demonstrating how not to drown when you end up wrong side up

The Chefs hard at work

Everybody look real smart. The ladies do battle with their highheelsindabush

The Pretty One and a Bald Me as formal as it gets

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