Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chemo 13

Chemo 14
Chemo 12
4 Oct 2011, Tue - My white blood cell count was very low on Friday but not low enough to do anything medical about it, so I must just be careful who I kiss... On Saturday morning The Pretty One rose early enough for us to take the Tandem for a 34km ride. We had a lekker kuier Saturday evening with my good friend Anton who turned 60. In between all that I kept myself busy with resting and doing some more work on the shelf system in the garage. Sunday we slept late and then went to church. After that we had a glorious braai with a gaggle of The Pretty One's Cousins. Yesterday I went for another ride but on my own it is now going seriously slow. I have a spot that I use to time a certain portion of my ride. Very fit it takes 16 minutes, Fit it takes 18 minutes and the normal time for The Pretty One is 20 minutes. Yesterday it took me nearly 30 minutes... In the mean time I am still fiddling with the shelves.
The back half was built on the wall
The front half was built on the floor
The front half must now be attached to the back half. 2m high by 6m long

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  1. Jaco, dis moerse rakke daai! Dink net hoeveel rommel kan 'n man daarop versamel. Kon selfs baie seëls daarop pak!