Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Short term goal

I am glad to be back on the bike and although the ankle is still stiff it is getting better by the day. So I thought of just focusing on the BIG RIDE of May 20111 - Beit Bridge to Wellington - but got asked/bullied into riding the Sabie Experience with a friend of mine.

I have ridden 3 Sabie Experiences, but Kobie is a rookie and want me to "guide" him through the do's and dont's. Kobie is living nearby and went on tour with us in February 2010. He is much fitter than me at this stage so the next 16 weeks will be hard work to try and get into shape for this.

Doing a fourth SE means that I might have to come back next year and join the club of 5 completed Sabie Experiences...

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