Monday, August 30, 2010

Sabie Ex Training Week 1 of 16

Day 1 - Monday - 30 Aug 2010
Kobie called on Sunday evening and informed me that his Monday will be unpredictable, and he will ride sometime during the day. It is also my son's birthday so Ilette planned an evening out with the family, so I planned to get away at 15h00 and ride for about 2.5 to 3 hours in Zone 1 & 2. This is called Base Training.
In the end I rode 40km at a good pace. Did a route that I used to test myself on. I am seriously unfit...

Date            Dist             Time            Avg HR
18 Sep 08    18.6km       0h52min      127          (Day before I was diagnosed with cancer)
30 Aug 10    18.7km       1h18min      123

I will revisit this route from time to time and test myself and the progress.

The plan for tomorrow is to do some zone 3 intervals along the railway line.

Day 2 - Tuesday 31 Aug 2010
Met Kobie at the railwayline service road and we did 2 intervals of 19 minutes each in zone 3. Rode a total of 30km at an average speed of 19.5km/h. This week is very mild and is really just the beginning. The real hard stuff is awaiting us.

Tomorrow morning we will ride a leisurely ride with the Housewife Tittevators. I hope they don't bully me to much. We are going to rido over "klipkoppie" (rock hill) and that normally opens up a few blocked ports in the resparotary system...

Day 3 - Wednesday 1 Sep 2010
Spring! I thought it was a touch chili at 07h00 when we started, but the chill lasted about 3 minutes. Had a lovely ride of 40km with the housewifes and Kobie and tried to keep the heart rate really low. Although, klipkoppie managed to push me into the red and I maxed at about 155bpm. Well into zone 5! Tomorrow we will take a rest day and Friday we will do an easy ride into Buffelsdrift. Up Okkie's road we will try and do a MAX HR test. Just to establish some benchmarks...

Day 4 - Thursday 2 Sep 2010
Rest... As important as the training.

Day 5 - Friday 3 Sep 2010
Kobie and I did a MAX Heart Rate Test up Okkie's. We really pushed hard and his Max came tot 182bpm and mine at an amazing 168bpm. Why amazing? I have not seen a max under any conditions higher that 164 on a bike. Interesting. So now we have our newly calculated target training zones and from week 2 we can get down to serious business.

Day 6 - Saturday 4 Sep 2010
The two of us did a LSD (Long Slow Distance) ride of 82km in just under 5 hrs. I was tired afterwards, but felt better than I did after me and Ilette rode a 40km ride a few weeks back. So it seem that the training is starting to work.

Day 7 - Sunday 5 Sep 2010
Rest... The luxury of resting on a weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by me. Spent the day with Ilette just driving around and following our noses. Sundays will normally be used to do a Back to Back tough ride and prepare the body for multi day adventures.

Week 2

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