Monday, August 16, 2010

Training Programme - Week 1 of 12

So week 1 of a 12 week training programme is behind me and it felt good to be back on the bike. I am roughly following a 12 week training programme devised by the Polar (heart rate minitor) guys and it is a good motivator to have a programme of sorts to adhere to.

Monday was spent driving back from Swaziland and after a rather physical weekend Tuesday was spent getting hammered by the physio, resting and trying to get the leg back to an acceptable thickness. Little sleep and lots of "core training" during the Swazi Xtreme did not do the leg to much good.

So on Wednesday morning I rode with the local "housewife group" and was severely bullied. Made me feel like an old man, these housewifes. But I survived and enjoyed.

Thursday it was me and the controled environment of the spinning bike and some tough intervals.

Friday did not work out well training wise and I spent the late afternoon and evening running a few errants and deliveries with my wife and then the evening became very enjoyable. Saw a few old friends at the squash corts. Glad I did.

Saturday morning I eventually got Ilette out of bed and on her bike and we did a "long slow ride" but was very tired after that and realised how much endurance I need to get back.

Sunday morning I did some more intervals along the railway line service road and came up about an hout short of the target for the week.

The garmin training centre files are as follow:

Just riding (Zone 1 & 2) and working in some zone 3 intervals

8 x 2min zone 4 intervals

Riding (Base training zone 1 & 2)

6 x 2min zone 4 intervals

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