Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swazi Xtreme

What did you do this long weekend?

I got a last minute chance to second at the 10th Swazi Xtreme Adventure race. Very interesting. Quite different from the stuff I do. Very Xtreme. They run, canoe, mountain bike, absail, jump into rock pools, run some more, ride some more... And all of this while they have to find hidden checkpoints in the middle of nowhere. There are no predetermined track or road, they can go where they want, as long as they find the checkpoints.

Seconding for the team was just about as hard as doing the race. They arrive by canoe and 5 minutes later they are fed, rehydrated, refilled, changed into cyclists, and on their way. Then we pack the boats and the camp and charge to be at the next transition point before them, get their running gear ready, food and water ready... and so on through the day (and sometimes into the night).
Camp ready for a bike to canoe swap
Wet running shoes drying in the sun
The team finishing a canoe leg and
setting off on foot to find the next checkpoint
Shane Raw preparing his famous
ham and cheese rolls for a hungry team
Camp ready for a snappy bike transition
And the winning team with their trophies.
Shane, James, Brady (Shane's son), Gordon, Jaco, Deon
and the pocket rocket Hillary

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