Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 3 – Crossing the Capricorn with a HUGE sting in it’s tail.

130km - 2180m Ascent  - 11 hours on the road

Today me and Kevin Davie will cycle to Haenertsburg and then they all go back to Pretoria, leaving me and my bike alone to soldier on to Cape Town… a tough job I have to do, but somebody has to do it, so I will ;-)
A day of long straight sections, good riding and then… The legs did burn and the climb up to Haenertsburg will not disappoint any mountain goat.  Fortunately we had a great milk cow at Mooketsi.

In one of the villages Flora and me took this photo of the parents working to build a sports ground for the children while they were in the classrooms writing exams!

Jaco and Kevin arrived in Haenertsburg  just after  5 but they actually looked as if they could just as well carry on! However, they could not resist the braaivleis, pap, sous and fresh salad we had ready for them. We left Jaco standing in the doorway at 18h08 and arrived in Pretoria at about 21h30. Then Kevin still had to drive to Joburg but fortunately Flora’s husband Lawrie was waiting for her.
Jaco will be sending me voice mails for the blog and I trust not all will be lost in translation.

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