Friday, June 25, 2010

Docters and casts

Been to the Doc on Wednesday and he opened the bandages and took off the plasters. The wounds looked very healthy in spite of the lymph edema and the swelling was under control, so he put a cast around the fooy to just under the knee and said: "See you in 4 weeks, keep the leg high and NO WEIGHT on the foot." So here I am in bed keeping the foot high and the weight of the foot waiting for the next 4 weeks to pass... At least I have the fredom challenge to follow and the navigational issues and different strategies keep me amazed and busy.

I am also looking at the route from Beit Bridge to PMB for next year's attempt at the Beit2Cape Freedom Challenge. I want to bypass Penge because of the asbestos pollution. I also want to ride through Swaziland (about 2 days). So I am planning that and will have to do some scouting as soon as I am on my bike again. Can't wait...

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  1. keep the spirits up!

    i can suggest speaking to Darron Raw. he's the adventure tourism guru in swazi and the man behind swazi xtreme adventure race.

    you might find this interesting