Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 4 – Tackling a very wet Mohlapetsi River.

88km - 2130m Ascent – Dawn to dusk
Today it is me and the Iron Crown, Orrie Baragwanath Pass and Camp Mafefe…  Looking back after the first climb I see Haenertsburg covered under a thick blanket of cloud…   a breathtaking site.

 Luckily the day is not as cold as I thought , so with a heavy bag and a full stomach I ride on. Walking up the Iron Crown I start wondering if it truly is the best path to take but I just have to look back over a spectacular view to know it’s definitely worth the effort.  As I start the first climb of the jeep track on my way to the Mohlapetsi River, the sun is high and there’s not a cloud in sight. 

A lot of concentration is needed to get through the last downhill to the Mohlapetsi River.  One certainly can’t get through this river and stay dry. Its wetter than when I scouted and the guys from Nature Conservation and their  4x4’s almost totally destroyed the routes, so a bit of rough riding ahead.

A  brutal day, hardest 90 km so far.  I’m tired but not giving up yet!
Camp Mafefe – well I had a bed and a kettle!

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