Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 6 – Recovery Ride - 3rd June 2010

83km - 835m accent 5 hours on the Road

At 7 I was still having a coffee and looking out to the valley and a beautiful sunrise.  Although having a leisurely start, I changed the brake blocks and chain.

After 3km I had to stop to put some more warm clothes and gloves on – it was freezing cold and without a cloud in the sky.

It was great to take it easy after the last 5 days:  540km, more than 8 000m accent and 55 hours on the road!

At 10h00 I was at the top of Kaspersnek, a great downhill and arrived in Pelgrim Rest before 1pm. 

A hamburger for lunch and then putting my leg up for as long as possible. Fortunately it is not sore but if it is not back to normal by tomorrow morning I might consider riding the following 2 days planned route in 3 days.

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