Friday, June 18, 2010

Jaco, where are we?

When you get a call at half past ten at night from a good friend asking you: "Jaco, where am I?" then I think it is not the right time to answer: "Lost?" So I started up the laptop and started the process of finding my good frien, Carl and his riding partners in crime, Marnitz and August. Turned out they were very lost and spent nearly 3 hours riding in circles in the Hlabeni forrest on their way to Centacow. There was no short or easy way out of the forest, but eventualy they came across a bigger road that spat them out at Creighton. From there it was not to difficult to find their way to Centacow Mission, but I will keep the laptop running for a bit longer, you never know when the Gost of Donnybrook attacks again and messes with their navigational systems...

1 comment:

  1. wonderful. I take it the purple is the correct route?!

    looks like lots of people have wrongly assumed that past experience will get them to centacow in the dark. lets see how barnesy does.

    of course this is a grey area for the ethics comittee, as this is essentially using a GPS for outside assistance. impossible to control, i sit on the fence!