Friday, June 18, 2010

Funny Tracks

So here I am sitting in bed whith my very screwd together (10 screws) foot in the air, watching the Freedom Challenge unfold on the laptop.
Fortunately there is a lot happening to keep me amused. I will post some of the "getting lost" tracks of some of the riders from time to time.

The De Decker Brothers spent 3 hours trying to find the road through the Kinira river floodplain (Queen's Mercy)
The next 3 pictures is the different routes taken by 2 sets of riders with the same maps, same narrative, so it must be their compasses that is different. Alex is riding red and the Amusing de Decker brothers is the blue track. This is the section between Malekholonyane and Tinana Mission
The saga unfolds...

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  1. Excellent! but you must remember that the route descriptions there are kinda vague, because it's more of a follow the cattle path that agrees with the compass direction.

    can you see the time differences between the options?