Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 5 – The mighty Olifants

112Km – accent unknown but a lot! -  12.5 hours for the day

A downhill is a good start to any day, but even I walked down from time to time, it was that scary. The pass was probably an amazing pass to ride at some point in time, but all that’s left now is a cattle track with thorn trees trying to catch you around every turn. With my bicycle on my back walking UP after the downhill – the Oliphant’s River is on the other side of the mountain.

I got my first puncture in the back wheel; the slime wasn’t good enough so I had to plug it.  This also kept popping out so I fixed a bit of duck tape around it and it seems to be holding.

I crossed the Oliphant’s river with a cable car and was on my way to Penge, Steelpoort River and then Orighstad.
After Penge the battle started - trying to get down a valley to the Steelpoort River.  Without success, tired and with cuts in my legs, I decided to take the tar road to the Steelpoort river and from there turn left on a gravel road

At 15h00 I had a brown cow and even Ice tea from a spaza in one of the villages.  Contemplating the 400m accent before me a jackal run across the road.

Arriving after dark I first had a great meal at Orighstad restaurant before going to Helmot’s place for a hot shower and blissful rest. 

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