Friday, June 25, 2010

Navigation, navigation, navigation...

Gawie, Ray and Scott nearly got Perdeberg Portage all wrong.

Chris and Dave nearly missing the Gwaas valley climb UP to KoffieLAAGTE

Once Alex reached the main road in the Baviaans, it took him another hour to find his accommodation. Problem is it changes every year and you do not really know where you sleep. I remember searching for a long time in 2008 for my accommodation at Cambria...

I will keep an eye open for more of these

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  1. Gawie Ray and Scott's route is actually the way we approached it in 2008 after turning in one valley too early. very bad route walking through a dry riverbed(i would blame andrew king, but we all had maps!)

    ditto with cambria. i remember there being two farms with the same name then. very irritating at the end of a long ride, maybe some signage for the event there would be a good idea?