Sunday, May 23, 2010

4 more sleeps

So on Friday morning we will depart from Pretoria. At this stage it seem likely that Kevin Davie (the Father of the "Spine Run" ) will join me on the first three days from Beit Bridge to Haenrtsburg.

So for the start I will have company, and we will have a "Roving Supportstation". The Pretty One and the Pajero will wait for us at Camp Mangwele and Madyisa Lodge so the issue of food at these 2 places is suddenly less of a headace. If I was riding alone it would have been tins of whatever I could get hold of at the nearest spaza shop, but now it might be "pap en wors" (Maize Porridge and Sausage) or whatever The Pretty One can come up with in the bundus.

When we reach Heanertsburg Kevin and Ilette will depart for Pretoria and for the rest of the way to Diemersfontein in Wellington I will be on my own.

Should have trained a lot harder this week end but I have a bit of a throat infection so I took it easy. I have read that you cannot get fitter in the last 7 days before a race, so this is as fit as I will be. Will have to get fit along the way then ...

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