Tuesday, May 11, 2010

About saddles and things

The 29th is getting closer at an alarming rate, and my saddle that I used during my recent 14 day 1400km ride around Lesotho got chafed through around the front end. Now of the three contact areas or human/bike interfaces I think the sitbones is no 1 in the ranking importance wise. The feet is no2 and the hands no 3. So if this A-interface is not working well... My favourite is a Fizik Arione (triathlon version) and I hope that fizik will fix it, since it has only done about 2000km. But now I am hunting for a new saddle. I tried a Fizik Tundra but decided after 150km that this is seriously not a plan. Now I am on a Spesialized of sorts and although for now it feels better than the Fizik, it is not perfect... So the search continues.

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