Monday, May 17, 2010

Planned route - Day 7 onwards

Day 7 will be a day of Forestry roads. The idea is to reach Sudwala (102km). The trick here will be not to meander up and down the escarpment to much but stick to the contour roads and try and remain as high on the escarpment as possible and only drop down to Sudwala at the end of the day.

Day 8 promises to be a BIG day with the aim to ride through Kaapse Hoop and reach Badplaas (120km)... I might sleep next to a river in a forest somewhere...

Day 9 goes right through the lake area at Chrissiesmeer and the aim is to reach Amsterdam. (111km)

Day 10 From Amsterdam I will head south and aim for Lunaburg. This area is full of German History and one of the colourfull characters is Horst Filter. I am looking forward to meet these people, But before arriving in Lunaburg I will have to scale the mountain at Groothoek.

Day 11 Head for the Battlefields and the aim is to reach Bloedrivier Poort. A battle between Boer and Brit was fought here in 1901 and the british were forced to surrender.
Day 12 Goes through the heart of the battlefields and pass through Bloedrivier, and head for Rourke's Drift.
Day 13 Heads for the valley of a 1000 hills and this is pretty much the theme for day 14 and 15. Hopefully I will reach Pietermaritzburg on day 15.

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