Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Accommodation planning

Hi all, I will keep the blogg updated while Jaco is on his way to Cape Town. Just a short note on the accommodation. After scouting the route with Jaco and seeing a few possible places to stay,  it took some time to get the accommodation booked. Normally we had only one choice due to the remoteness of the route and the achievable distance that can be ridden per day. Amazingly enough, we even booked and pay via internet for a place such as Camp Mangwepe in the remotest depth of Vendaland. (Communication by cellphone only). Fortunately this camp exsist because there is no other accommodation 50km on route either way! This is for the first night and Jaco and Kevin Davey will have rondavels, beds and running water.

I will (wo)man the first 2 night's mobile support station and wait for them with a hot meal and start the fire in the donkey for a hot shower. At least I will have a Garmin and trust the Pajero will be as reliable as their bikes! 

The second night we stay at Lodge Madyisa. Sounds great but it consist of 1ha dry land without any trees in between villages with about 15 units. Each unit has a double bed and only some with shower or bath and electricity. Nothing more. I still can't figure it out, they have a day and a night tariff? Fortunately, these two days they will be able to buy food from spaza shops.

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