Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haenertsburg/Ohrigstad Scouting

On Friday 14 May 2010 I went on the last trip to scout some "gray" areas and see if the 1:50 000 maps, google earth and camp fire stories from old people all make sense when you are actually on the spot. We drove to Haenertsburg and I had a quick look at the entry into Haenertsburg and realized that I will get my feet wet, no matter what if I want to avoid the Tar from Pietersburg to Tzaneen.

Saturday morning I embarked on the beeline up the Iron Crown to the Wolkberg Wilderness Area office. Here one gets a R20 permit to be able to ride in (through) the Wolkberg. And what a SPECTACULAR ride it is!

Once you drop down onto the Mohlapitse river (and crossing it many times, some rideable, some not) the scenery just takes your breath away. Photos and words don't do it justice.

Over the Orrie Baragwanath pass into Lekgalameetsi and out the south side to the overnight stop at Mafef Camp. I was riding with a "loan" saddle from Carstens cycles and it did not feel to bad after a long day in the saddle. So I was full of hope that my saddle problems was getting solved. We slept in Lekgalameetsi in the Makhutsi Camp and that is an experience all on its own.

Sunday I explored some hazy bits around Penge and looked for a way to cross the Steelpoort River without riding many km's on tar or getting my feet wet, but alas- I will swim...

Yesterday afternoon I went for a Training ride and while showering I discovered a saddle sore. Horror of horrors. My first ever saddle sore! With 2 weeks to go this is not good. I will keep you posted...

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