Monday, May 3, 2010

The planned Route - Day 1

Want to start at 06h00 at the Beit Bridge Border Post. The ride from the border to Messina will be along the railway service road. About 17km. Then there is the R508, a horrible tar road for 12km, but I am working on riding through the Messina Nature reserve and through Maremani. At this stage it does not seem that the tar can be avoided. Something to do with an Elephant cow and baby that is a bit bedonnerd. The next 29km is half gravel and half a service road next to the canal. Did not explore this service road because the bridge was damaged, but this should not be an obstacle for a mountain bike. Then it is over the big 5 property of Howard Knott and into Vendaland. (as long as I don't end up in the lion camp, I should be ok). 45km (103 total) later I should reach a very basic accommodation spot called Mangwele Camp. No electricity, no catering and if i am lucky... a donkey driven warm shower.

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