Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daily Detail Beit2PMB Day1-4

Detail about each day such as distances, ascent, and possible tar, gravel, single track breakdown is very difficult at this stage, since I have not ridden and recorded the route. But here are detail that I do have:

Beit Bridge to Mangwele
103 km Total
12 km Tar (on the Messina/Tsipese road)

Day 2
Mangwele to Madyisa Lodge(?) in Tshivhade
92 km Total
4 km Tar (Made up of a few short pieces)
Passing by the Sacred Lake Fendutsi:
http://ccms.ukzn.ac.za/docs/burelli.pdf Page 332 - From a thesis about SABC Documentaries.

...historicised description of human sacrifice, “Sacred Lake Fundutsi (?)– the site of an important annual ritual in times gone by. Tribal elders would select a virgin who would sacrifice herself to the ancestors. For her family, her selection would be a great honour... Ritual sacrifice took place all over what used to be rural
Venda” (video9).


Geography: The beautiful subtropical Levubu Valley lies between Louis Trichardt and Thohoyandou, and can be accessed on the R524.

History: The little town of Levubu is situated in a subtropical fruit farming area and caters for the farming community in the district.

Arts & Culture: This area is home to the Venda people, and travellers can soak up their history, myths and art and culture. There are curio shops showcasing local arts and crafts, where many Venda artists display their wares, and tourists can also visit many of the sacred Venda sites in the area.

Science & Nature: The surrounding area has beautiful scenery, and a large variety of birds and trees. There are two major rivers, the Lotonyanda River and the Levhubu River, which are wonderful for bird lovers, as there are over 300 bird species to be seen. Purple-crested Turacos, African-Green Pigeons and Kingfishers are common, while Grey-headed Parrots can be spotted in the summer months.

Entertainment: There is a lot to keep the visitor interested and entertained in the area. The Myths and Legends Venda Tour, as well as historical tours of the Dzata Ruins will prove fascinating, while taking a sunset cruise along the Levubu River will prove to be peaceful and scenic.

Sport: The area is well known for its excellent hiking and walking trails.

Did you know? The Venda are believed to be descended from chiefs who travelled south from Central Africa toward the end of the 17th century.

Day 3
Madyisa Lodge to Haenersburg
128 km Total
Bits and pieces of tar and an obstacle course (Tar and potholes competing for supremacy)

You will be riding through th ZZ2 farms. The largest tomato farm in South Africa.


Day 4
Haenertsburg to Mafefe Camp
84km about 2000m ascent
Wolkberge, Orrie Baragwanath Pass, Mafefe Camp (Ivory Trail)


  1. Wow! It all looks beautiful and very exciting pioneering a new route. All the best for your HUGE ride. I'm starting my Freedom Ride on 17 June. We'll have to compare notes afterwards.

  2. Sterkte Gerda. Enjoy and my tip of the day for the first 6 days is try and find a group that knows the way and stick to them like...