Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ride of Silence

I received this mail and it is DEFINITELY something all cyclists must look at seriously

Every year, hundreds of cyclists [and pedestrians] are being killed on our roads and very little is being done by government and law enforcement to curb the madness on the roads that is ripping families apart. With the cycling community having recently been rocked by the death of rising star Adam Reyneke, even more cyclists are now up in arms and wanting action.

While we all know that getting government to implement change is a slow process, we are working hard to push them into speedier reform... 
as well as appealing to motorists to accept that cyclists have their place on the road and are entitled to road space. At the same time, appealing to cyclists to ensure that they are obeying all the relevant laws and are adequately visible when on the road.

Having been founded in the USA in 2003, the Ride of Silence has spread into a global event held annually to honour those who have lost their lives doing what we all love so much, as well as raising awareness for cyclist safety and to educate all about sharing the road with the proper respect for fellow road users.

The ride follows an easy route of no more than 20km, where cyclists will maintain a speed of no more than 20km/h? riding in single-file in absolute silence. By simulating a funeral procession, we will make an emotional impact on all those we pass and hopefully change their mindset.

Held on 22 May in five locations around the country, we are looking for the support of all to ensure the success. Facebook events have been setup for three confirmed rides in South Africa, and we are awaiting feedback on the other two locations regarding organisers on the ground. A website will also be available online by Monday 19 April, containing all the relevant information about the ride [including the history, mission statement, route maps, registration, etc].

Robbie Hunter [Team Garmin-Transitions] and John Lee Augustyn [Team Sky] have joined us and endorsed the Ride of Silence. We are proud to have two of the biggest names in South African cycling endorsing our efforts and we hope that you, as a fellow cyclist and active member of the community, will join them in endorsing the Ride of Silence and our efforts to make the roads safer for all.

Should you wish to endorse the Ride of Silence, we purely require a mail [or letter on an official letterhead] stating your support of the Ride of Silence and why you believe we need to see change, or what you believe needs to change. This does not need to be a long drawn out letter, and can simply be a one-liner if you so choose. The point is that you would be backing it and would be added to the list of endorsers.

Like the fact that it does not have formal paperwork or registration fees for participants on the day, the Ride of Silence does not have formal sponsors or company branding to go with it. Endorsers are added to a list that is published on the website and on flyers.

However, we hope that endorsers will help us spread the word by doing some [or all] of the following:
  - adding a link to the Ride of Silence website from theirs
  - adding a one-liner to their outgoing e-mails [with a link to the website]
  - putting posters up in their offices, stores, etc to inform staff & customers of the events
  - having flyers available for staff and customers to gain more information and join the movement

I hope that you agree with our goals and that you will join the groundswell and help make a difference on our roads, and help us remembering those who have lost their lives.

Thank-you in advance for your time and effort, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Desere Girdlestone
Assistant to:
Ray D. Chaplin
SA Ride of Silence Co-ordinator
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[m] +27-82 657 4864

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